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Rajasthan Tour Packages

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Rajasthan Desert Tour
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Golden Triangle Tour
Golden India Tour
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Indian Pilgrimage Tour

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Corbett Wildlife Tour
Kaziranga Wildlife Tour
Bandhavgrah Wildlife Tour

Ayurveda and Spa Holidays and Vacations, Ayurveda and Yoga Holidays

Ayurveda and Spa Holidays

Ayurveda in Rajasthan
Ayurveda in Pondicherry
Spa and Meditation in Jaipur

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Hill Stations of India

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Indian Tourist Office Network
With a network of our full fledged official staff and tourist offices are located at all major tourist states and cities like Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka in cities/places: Delhi, Jaipur, Bombay, Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore and Far East to assure you a proper guidance and taking care of your every little query or problem while you are traveling, so touring with our agency is likely touring with a personal tour escort.
So at last we beg your trust with us. Just let know your travel period, budget, nos. of days, desired destinations, we will plan the most ideal tour with best prices for you.

Tourist Bungalows in India
There are tourist bungalows (known as holiday homes in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and tourist lodges in West Bengal) at almost every tourist centre in the country, under the control of the respective State Government Tourist Development Corporation, except in the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai, Mumbai (Bombay) and Bangalore. These include a clean single, double and family room, most with a bath and general canteen. At holiday homes and certain tourist cottages there are kitchen facilities. Bookings should be made (a deposit will be required) with the managing director of the respective corporation, or with the manager of the bungalow.




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