India that is also called Bharat is not a country but a continent. From North to South and East to West the people with different, languages, customs, religion are different still it is a place of unity in diversity. India is the home of one of the world's" greatest" civilizations - its social structure can be traced back to thousand of years. It is a country of one billion souls and largest democracy on the earth.
Loose yourself in the wonder that is India. Roam through lands steeped in chivalry and pageantry that begin before recorded history. Explore modern cities that have grown organically from the roots of a multi-hued past. Make a pilgrimage to holy shrines that echo with tales of antiquity. Frolic on a vast array of golden beaches that dot an enviable coastline, washed by two seas and an ocean. Sport with adventure in style. Let the jungle lure you to a fascinating world at a diverse array of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks....... this is the wonder that is India.

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Take your pick of thrilling sports like rafting, mountaineering, skiing... Vagator, Kovalam, Gopalpur-on-Sea are some of the luscious beaches dotting the Indian coastline...Cave-temples, ancient wall-paintings, Buddhist relics, Neolithic rock shelters ... Exquisite palaces, awe-inspiring pilgrimage sites, 'happening' cities, flora and fauna at its resplendent best...

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Indian Wildlife
I had a terrific time in India as I tried the different feat endorsed by the exotic country. I got the opportunity to try various adventure sports like trekking, skiing, water sports. But what fired my imagination during the fortnight long stay in this India is the motley crew of wild life which I encountered in the dense forests.
Ayurveda in India Indian Heritage
The Ayurveda therapies helps you to rejuvenate and restore energy that you lost during my treatment. It helps you to strike back in full form. We are organising Ayurveda and Yoga trips in India. Our Ayurveda Tours will provide comfort with ayurveda to our customers. Exploring the heritage of India is an experience in itself. Being a explorer by nature, I traveled across the nation to get glimpses of some beautiful monuments of India's endearing past. Frankly, I was bowled over by the enchanting beauty of the monuments.
Beaches of India Honeymoon Destinations
I was quiet fascinated by the sensuous beaches of India. In fact, I was quiet enthralled by the pristine beauty of the beaches and captivating view of the surroundings that constantly set the new limits for expectation. We just came to India and we did'nt expect the pleasure what we are going to get. but soon we saw the ultimate destinations and wonderful places all around and we enjoyed our time in such a beautiful way that will a memory for a lifetime.
Hill Stations Indian Pilgrimage Centers
It was a pleasure for me to experience the cold winds, translucent clouds and stunning mountain scenery in the endearing hill stations of India. Arthur, a dear friend, explored Himachal Pradesh last year has given his experiences on many hill station of Himachal Pradesh like Kullu, Shimla, Dalhousie. Personally, I liked Coorg and Kodaikanal in southern India. It was a delight for me to explore some of the spiritulistic spots in India that beholds the faith of thousands of Indian people. The important fact that I noticed was that India is majorly occupied by Hindus but this doesn't bound any religion not to express their views. In East India there are very large number of Pilgrimage Centers and the Buddhist Monasteries are the best in the world. They are the real holy places.
Fort and Palaces Royal Train Tours
Fort and Palaces of Rajasthan was amazing and other Historical Monuments are so wonderful that we never forget. These are the places where the history had been made. Ancient Temples of Ajanta and Ellora are very interesting and unforgettable. The Palace on wheels is the best royal train in the world. When I saw this train in pictures then I even don't know that was a train can be so royal? but soon when I stepped in the train then i came to know that  why palace on wheels is a real royal train.

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