Gangaur Festival Jaipur

Gangaur festival is celebrated to honor Hindu deity Shiva and his spouse Goddess Parvati by the married women. A special day-long fast is observed, followed by ritual worship of the deities.

The sight of beautifully dressed women walking in procession in the streets in Jaipur, Udaipur and other cities and towns of Rajasthan is a hearty treat to sore eyes. Not only does it leave the beholder awed with the Indian traditions, but also evokes admiration in the heart for the faith of these women.

Jaipur the “Pink city” had celebrated two-day Gangaur festival with great pomp and show. Showcasing the rich culture and heritage, the annual Gangaur (Mela) procession in all its finery and grandeur was a spectacular show.

Started from Tripoliya Gate, the procession led by beautifully ornamented elephant carrying the royal insignia had folk dancers, artists, decked up camel carts, with a number of musical bands performing.
Spread almost in one-kilometre area, winding it’s way through the roads of walled city, the procession culminated at the Talkatora, where pomp and gaiety mesmerised everyone.

Duration of Festival

Gangaur Festival is a very colorful affair of Jaipur. Festival last for 18 days and it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. During the festival, the idols of Gauri are adorned beautifully. Women also prepare themselves for the festival by applying henna and mehendi on their feet and palm. This is an integral part of Indian tradition.

On visiting the festival, you will be able to faith and religious belief of the local people. The festival also includes a procession that includes town bands and horses to add a lot of color to the whole festival. This procession further makes the festival attractive as more and more people get to see the colorful side of Rajasthan.

There are a number of vacation packages to Jaipur. The attraction of these tour increases manifold whenever it includes a visit to this festival. Book your tour as soon as possible and head for a truly exciting tour. The trip to this Gangaur Festival will be a memorable experience for sure.

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