An Ultimate Travel guide for Gulmarg Kashmir Tour

Gulmarg, which signifies “Meadow of Flowers” from the 16th century, has been the favored retreat of the royals, especially in summers, but not as the case in winters. Nowadays, this quaint town nestled in the mountains blooms in a very different manner, especially in the winter months; it turns into a paradise for thrill-seekers from all across the globe.

Skiing in Gulmarg

Accessibility is only by the road; Gulmarg is the picturesque two-hour journey from Srinagar Airport. Once you reach Gulmarg, you will fall yourself in the lap of nature. Being the heartland of winter sports in India, Gulmarg has a skiing and mountaineering institute making it the ideal place to learn skiing. However, it is suggested to enroll yourself very early; otherwise, there are no seats for late-comers. It has three ski lifts for beginners.

Timings and Details About Gulmarg Gandola Ride

The Gondola ride timings are 10 Am to 4 Pm daily. The expert lift happens to be the highest ski lift in the world.

The Gulmarg Gondola ride goes from a height of 9000 ft at the base to a height of 13000 ft, where the breathtaking views of Apharwat Peak await you. This peak is located a few kms. away from the line of control, and is snow-laden throughout the year. However, the best time for snow lovers will be from December to March. Even if skiing isn’t your cup of tea, you should still consider Gulmarg on the top winter destination list. For those looking for more “happening time,” the Winter Festival provides an opportunity for budding filmmakers, musicians, and photographers to showcase their crafts and enthrall eager audiences.

If you are a novice skier, I would suggest you keep at least three days for the trip. You’ll spend the first-day navigating slopes and falling face-first into the snow. The silver lining is that you won’t feel butt-hurt, partly because you fall on your face, but more so because there’ll be lots of other people who will share your fate. By the third day, you’ll have got the hang of it and would be able to swiftly make the turns and brake when needed while navigating the obstacles with ease. Doing all this, you’ll fondly remember your inner child and might even curse yourself for not doing this more often. But remember my words once doing this experience; you’ll be back for more next year.

Now what pre plans are next for Gulmarg Tour ?

Book the ski instructor in advance along with reserving your hotels and transfers; book the ski gear and instructor too. Carry a backpack, buy some snow boots, an insulated bottle, and some snacks like energy bars; you can also buy some at Unlimited India Shop.

The Kashmiri locals are nice and not corrupted by the urban ways. They always mean well and go out of their way to make the trip memorable. for more updates on Indian tour packages or info about the latest updates, please do like our page at Facebook Page.



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