Safe Travel Tips During & After COVID19 Pandemic

Safe outdoor activities after the coronavirus pandemic are those that allow for social distancing and don’t go against any ordinances in your particular area to do them. Some cities or towns may also have closed outdoor spaces like children parks, beaches, water parks, and monuments.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to stay indoors. Depending on your area, there are some outdoor activities you can safely proceed for that can help give you a much-needed mental freshness.

Need a few ideas? Take a look at the list below, and keep these safe outdoor activities in mind for the next trip.

1. Explore your near by Destination

You might be missing out on some interesting (and close-by!) places your city or town has to offer. It will help you change your mood, especially since you are inside your home all the time, and it turns annoying errands into enjoyable ones.

2. Take some cute selfies

Take some incredible photos and share them on social media so that others may find a little joy in them too. Making memories is the best part of any trip.

3. Track to some Mountains

If you live near trekking trails and remain open after lock-down, it can be an excellent choice for a relaxing cardio workout. (Again, be sure to wear a mask).

4. Walk towards Nature

When you need a change of scenery but aren’t feeling a more intense workout, going for a natural place like Uttrakhand, Kashmir, Sikkim, Assam will be the best possible option for those who are living in the same town or nearby. Please choose your Destination wisely; it can seriously de-stress you too.

5. Go for some Camping with Kids

Camping and backpacking can be fun and inexpensive family activities or vacations. Still, you need quite a few supplies to manage life in the great outdoors, whether you are hoping for a riverside adventure or simple car camping.

Before trying any of the above preferences, Our recommendation after the corona pandemic is your safety. Please wear your mask, carry a first-aid kit and some essential medicines with you. You can explore many different tailor-made tour packages at our website Unlimited India, or you can also send us an enquiry by filling any contact form on the website. We’ll provide you with the best possible plan at great prices.



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