Teej Festival 2019 Jaipur

Teej festival jaipur

Teej Festival 2019 Jaipur Rajasthan

The arrival of monsoon season in Rajasthan marks the arrival of the variety of festivals to celebrate especially for the womenfolk of Rajasthan.

Teej 2019 This festival festival, deep-rooted in tradition and mythology of India. It is celebrated with much enthusiasm and gaiety across several states of India.

Special importance to the women of Rajasthan, Teej celebrations are worth watching in North India Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana and Bihar too. The festival will fall between 3rd – 4th August this year, 2019.

Teej fair and Festival in Jaipur Rajasthan

How Teej is celebrated ?

Just like Gangaur, the women of Rajasthan awaits for the whole year to celebrate the major festival of Teej. For the well-being of their marriage and family, women observe a day-long fast. They dress up in their best attires, apply beautiful mehndi or henna patterns on their hands and feet and then pray to Lord Shiva.

The state of royalty believes in celebrating the festivals with lovely ghoomar dances, the age-old rituals, and food. In the spirit of Teej festival 2019, today we sought out the best Teej special foods that one could find in Jaipur, or for that matter, anywhere in Rajasthan.

Teej celebration in Rajasthan

Main Sweets during Teej

Mainly Ghevar, Mawa Malpua, Besan Satu, Kesari Jalebi, Rabri etc is prepared specially for Teej festival.

Duration of teej festival

Teej is a three-day long festivity. The first day is known as Sinjahara; Teej is the second day; Badi Teej is the third day. Sinjahara is marked by the Mehendi ritual among the married women and the would-be married girls. They customarily beautify their hands with Mehendi designs and receive gifts from their in-laws.

There are three kinds of Teej festival:

  • Haryali Teej
  • Kajari Teej
  • Hartalika Teej

Haryali Teej

Hariyali Teej is celebrated on the beginning of Monsoon season. Haryali means greenery, so Haryali Teej is associated with good harvest and prosperity. On this day women dress up in green colored clothes. They worship the Moon, Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Kajari Teej

Kajari Teej is celebrated on third day of the dark half (Krishna Paksha) of Shravan month in Hindu calendar. On this day women gather to sing devotional songs and worship neem tree. Special procession is also organized to worship the beautifully decorated idol of Goddess Parvati.

Hartalika Teej

This form of Teej is the most important Occasions during entire Teej festival celebrations. Hartalika Teej lasts for three days and women observe a fast on the second day that is called Nirjara Fast meaning ‘fast without water’. Hartalika Teej fast is observed with great devotion for the long life and prosperity of Husbands.

Planning for Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon

The Teej Festival in Rajasthan is a perfect place to visit. The fair will not only provide you enough opportunity to have fun and frolic. It will also be the right place to get close to the rich culture of the place.

Book your tour to Rajasthan tour as soon as possible. Moreover, try to schedule your tour during the time of the Teej Festival so that you get the opportunity to visit this wonderful fair.

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