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Tourism is considered one of the hardest hits by the COVID-19 outbreak. The sector is experiencing a rapid and sharp drop in demand and a surge in job losses at global level, putting many SMEs at risk. Despite tourism’s proven resilience in responses to other crisis, the depth and breadth of the current pandemic will likely have a longer lasting effect on international tourism compared to other industries, more likely to recover once major restrictions will be lifted.

As the restriction are lifted, the tourists are started planning to Jaipur. In November, 4,18,182 passengers including 3,94,181 domestic & 24,001 international recorded at Jaipur Airport.

After Covid 19, passenger traffic at Jaipur International Airport witnessed a re- cord growth of 32 percent in November and December. The reason behind it was, Firstly, come easy with 2 vaccinated people and stringent Covid guidelines. Secondly, the tourist season has set in, so more and more people are travelling. The growth trend is likely to continue in Passengers at the Jaipur international airport in coming months. In October 2021 total passenger traffic was 3,15,978 out of which 2,97,852were domestic and 18,126 were International travelers. which 3,94,181 were domestic and 24,001 were international travelers. In November 4,18,182 passengers travelled through Jaipur Airport out of which 3,94,281 were domestic and 24001 were international travelers.

As per government guidelines, both at the time of arrival and departure passenger has to ensure that he is fully vaccinated. All the Covid precaution measures should be complied strictly. However, this month till December 31st, about 2,75,215 passengers have already travelled. The growth trend is surpassing Covid fear and bookings have started going up as compared to previous months, which is a good sign of growth.

It is good news for the tourism industry as the industry was already suffering huge losses because of cancellations they were receiving since the outbreak of the epidemic and whatever little travel was there was essential and to stop this all of a sudden is going to completely cripple the industry and aviation, tourism and the hotel industry.

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  • rameshkr

    good sign for people working in tourism sector, might coming months they can grow further.



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