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Varanasi Boat Ride with Puri and Bhubneshwar


Introduction to Buddhism in India:
Two of the most prominent qualities associated with Buddhism are compassion and loving-kindness. It is important to cultivate these qualities and integrate them into one’s daily life.
The no 7 article explores the two main Buddhist approaches to meditation – samatha (calm) and vipassana (insight), with particular emphasis on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
The sixth in this series of ten articles introduces some key Buddhist concepts. These are
impermanence, suffering, not-self and dependent origination. This fifth in a series of ten articles looks at the five precepts, the bedrock of the Buddhist moral code. It also touches on two specific moral issues – abortion and voluntary euthanasia. This fourth in a series of ten articles examines two key concepts: karma and rebirth. Both are very important to understanding Buddhism’s moral dimension. The essence of the Buddha’s teaching is encapsulated in the Four Noble Truths: the Noble Truth of Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering, the Noble Truth of the Extinction of Suffering, and the Noble Truth of the Path that leads to the Extinction of Suffering. This second in a series of articles explores the life of the Buddha.

Detailed Itinerary of Buddhist India Tour :

Arrival in Delhi. Transfer to hotel. Overnight stay at hotel

Morning transfer to airport to board flight to patna. Upon arrival transfer to Bodhgaya. Overnight stay at hotel.

Full day for religious activities at the Mahabodhi Temple – where Gautam Buddha got the supreme enlightenment under a Bodhi tree 25 centuries ago. The 55m high temple is substantially the same temple that existed in the 7th century.
Overnight stay a hotel.

After breakfast, drive to Patna covering a distance of (150 kms / 3 hours). En route visit Rajgir – the town where Buddha meditated and preached. Here at Gridharkuta Hill, visit the monastry Venuvan Vihar, built by King Bimbisar as an offering to Buddha, also visit Nalanda – the great Buddhist university which came up after Buddha passed into Mahaparinirvana, on arrival check into the hotel at Patna. Overnight at hotel.

After breakfast, drive towards kushinagar (en route visit Vaishali – the town Buddha visited on three occasions and where he announced his approaching Nirvana. Visit the monasteries. Later drive to Gorakhpur and check in at hotel. Overnight stay at hotel.

After breakfast drive to Lumbini covering a distance of (161 kms. / 4 hours). On arrival check in the hotel. After fresh-up proceed for sight seeing tour of Lumbini where you will see the Ashoka Pillar, Sacred Pond, Maya Devi Temple, Temple of Lords and the ruins of an old Monastery. Overnight at hotel.

After breakfast, drive to Sravasti via Kapilavastu, the place where Buddha spent his early childhood (240 kms. / 7-8 hours). Afternoon – sight seeing tour of Sravasti, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala. Overnight at hotel

After breakfast drive to Varanasi to catch flight to Delhi. Upon arrival Delhi, transfer to International airport to board flight to onward destination.

Tour Ends

India Buddhist Places Tour

Buddhist Tour :: Day 1 Kolkata
Morning: Around Midnight arrival in Kolkata. The cosmopolitan City Kolkata is the main gateway for travelers. You are met by a Virtual Tours representative and transferred to your Hotel. Afternoon: Free To Rest

Buddhist Tour :: Day 2 Kolkata Tour
Morning: Kolkata is India’s largest city and one of the biggest city in south Asia. This city was one of the earliest colonial city of British in India. Today we explore this vibrant and lively city during the whole day tour. We visit the Victoria Memorial and magnificent buildings in the area of Chowringhee and Dalhousie Square. We also visit the Jain-Temple and the Fort Williams. In the area Joransanko we have the opportunity to visit the family house of the famous Indian writer Rabindrnath Tagore. Tour of city and Botanical Gardens
Night: Board Train for Gaya

Buddhist Tour :: Day 3 Gaya Tour
Early Morning: arrive in Gaya
Morning: Bodhgaya – After several year of rigorous meditation, it was here that prince Siddhartha became enlightened and became the Buddha under a Peepal Tree. It is the most sacred spot for Buddhists from all over the world. The highlights of the city are the Bodhi Tree, the Mahabodhi Stupa besides several other monasteries to visit Tibetan Monastery, Thai Monastery, Myanmar Monastery, Chinese Monastery, Bhutanese Monastery, Japanese Monastery and Sri Lankan Monastery. In the Evening Drive to Rajgir.
Evening: Visit Vishwa Shanti Stupa (Japanese Pagoda) Overnight at Rajgir

Buddhist Tour :: Day 4 Nalanda Tour
Morning: Visit Nalanda
Afternoon: Transfer to Bodhgaya.
Excursions to Rajgir, Nalanda, Sapta pari cave and Venevamas. Overnight stay at hotel.

Buddhist Tour :: Day 5 Gaya Varanasi Tour
Morning: Board Train At Gaya for Varanasi
Afternoon: Visit Sanath Night: Board Train for Gorakhapur

Buddhist Tour :: Day 6 Gorakhapur Tour
Morning:Arrive at Gorakhapur
Full Day: Execusion to lumbini, the birth places of the Buddha. Morning drive to Lumbini enroute visiting Mahanirvana Temple. Overnight stay at hotel. Overnight at Gorakhapur

Buddhist Tour :: Day 7 Kushinagar Tour
Morning: Drive to Kushinagar
Evening: Morning drive to Vaishali, where Buddha delivered his last sermon.
Sightseeing tour of the city including Ashok Pillar, Lotus tank and Chaumukhi. Transfer to Kushinagar for overnight stay. Then after Board Train for Balarampur.
Night: reach at Balarampur

Buddhist Tour :: Day 8 Sarasvti Tour
Morning: Visit Saheth Maheth(Sarasvti)
Afternoon: Proceed To Gonda and Change train for Lucknow.

Buddhist Tour :: Day 9 New Delhi Tour
Morning: Arrive in Delhi. Morning at leisure
Afternoon: Tour of Old Delhi

Buddhist Tour :: Day 10 New Delhi Tour
morning: Tour of new Delhi
Afternoon: Free
Evening: Depart from Destination
Tour Ends

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Buddhist Places Tour India